Happy New Year — 2012 Review

January 2nd, 2013

Peace to all sisters and brothers in Christ!

“Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious!” (Ps 66:1-2) Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction of the story of Wait Li

September 7th, 2012

Introduction of the story of Wait Li

From the editor: The story of Wait Li is from Workers’ Stories by our Lord’s servant Dr. Song Sangjie. Even though it is a very short story, it reveals to us how important the worker’s own spiritual condition is to the ministry, even more than the work itself. In ministry, we often find it easy to lift up ourselves, steal God’s glory, take God’s status, and lead people to ourselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Genesis 48 / Jeremiah 1

August 5th, 2012

Genesis 48 / Jeremiah 1 3 paragraphs 7 vs. 6

Listen quietly to the word of the Lord; discern and listen clearly then preach God’s word bravely.

Psalm 48 / Revelation 13:1

Let us consider well, obey completely and spread the Lord’s word then the enemies will flee.

Key Verses Genesis 48:11 / Jeremiah 1:7-8

Genesis 48 / Jeremiah 1

1.  Discern and listen clearly

Though Jacob’s carnal eyes were failing, he discerned in the Spirit. He did not submit to man’s will but proclaimed God’s will. He discerned and listened clearly to God’s words. He turned people to the Lord to do His will.

2.  Preach God’s word bravely

He who is called by God must first listen quietly and be filled God’s words. He must see correctly and hear clearly before he is sent by God. If we preach God’s word bravely, God will be with us.

Psalm 48 / Revelation 13:1                             Honor His way / The enemy escapes

Do not fear the enemy though he has ten horns and seven heads. Great is the Lord for he is my fortress. Consider well, obey completely and spread the Lord’s word. When God is with me the enemies will flee.

Genesis 49 / Jeremiah 2

August 5th, 2012

Genesis 49 / Jeremiah 2 4 paragraphs 8 vs. 9

Blessed is he who departs from evil and honors His way. Disgraced is he who departs from the Lord and turns his back from Him.

Psalm 49 / Revelation 13:2

Worldly prestige and splendor are all in vain. Only through understanding and saving others we will gain eternal life.

Key Verses Genesis 49:10 / Jeremiah 2:13

Genesis 49 / Jeremiah 2

1. Depart from evil and honor His way

He who gratifies his sinful desires loses God’s grace. Cursed are those who follow the flesh and hate people. But those who have another intention – departing from evil and honoring His way, overcoming the enemy by trusting in the Lord will be blessed greatly.

2. Stray from the Lord and be disgraced

When God’s children forsook the Lord, backslid and loved other gods, ran wild as inspired by human desire, and abandoned the living water and dug broken cisterns, they would not succeed but be disgraced.

Psalm 49 / Revelation 13:2                            Eternal life / Worldly splendor

The worldly riches, power and splendor are all meaningless. The result is destruction. When you are rich, pursue understanding quickly. Proclaim salvation widely and lead others to have the true blessing of eternal life.

Genesis 50 / Jeremiah 3

August 5th, 2012

Genesis 50 / Jeremiah 3 25 paragraphs 1 vs.1

When Jacob died, Joseph and the people mourned, confessed and buried him. The Lord will save and comfort.

Psalm 50 / Revelation 13:3

Though the whole world follows the beast, let us obey and keep the covenant, be thankful and glorify God.

Key Verses Genesis 50:20 / Jeremiah 3:12

Genesis 50/ Jeremiah 3

1.  Mourn and bury

There was a great mourning at Abel Mizraim. We should confess and contrite, bury our old self and return to the Lord wholeheartedly. He will save us and make us fruitful and increase in number. We will also possess the land of other nations..

2.  Return from rebellion

Return quickly, you who are faithless. Though you have lived as prostitutes, you can return to God.  So long as you confess and seek God earnestly, God will save you and comfort you.

Psalm 50 / Revelation 13:3                            Glorify God / Follow the beast

Even when the whole world is following the beast, God calls on His people to listen to Him. It is not a matter of offering but be sure to remove your wickedness. Be thankful and pay your vows to preach and glorify God.

New Year’s Thanksgiving Letter: Looking Back at 2011

December 27th, 2011

Dear elders, brothers, and sisters in Christ,

Peace to you all. Thanks to be our Lord, for His mercies last forever! Looking back at the past year, God’s grace has been abundant, and His blessings have been countless!

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits” (Psalm 103:2). We feel deeply in our hearts that from the beginning to the end of 2011, God has been constantly watching over those who belong to Him. During the year, our coworkers, inside and outside of China, old, middle-aged, and young, have been led by the Holy Spirit to different evangelizing and training fields. From Jakarta in Indonesia to Bangkok in Thailand, from Tokyo in Japan to Pusan in Korea, from Hong Kong to Manila in the Philippines, from Mexico City to Europe, and to different areas of China, our coworkers have been sent in different teams and groups. Thanks be to God, for His glory, power, grace, and abundance followed our steps wherever we went. More than ever we felt humbled, powerless, and unworthy! We could not help but praise Him: His plans are wonderful; His wisdom is boundless! Meanwhile, God prepared housing for us at our prayer and training center in Madrid, Spain as well as in London, England. In both places, God demonstrated His miraculous grace in seemingly impossible circumstances. All we could do was to bow down and worship, and sing praises of our Lord!

We held coworkers’ retreats in China in April and outside of China in August. Coworkers from both China and other countries participated in both locations, and the attendance was larger than last year’s. During the retreats, our coworkers all experienced the authority of God’s word and witnessed the power of whole-hearted prayers. Broken and shaken by God’s word and the Holy Spirit, our coworkers reflected, repented, and their lives were renewed and changed to different degrees. On fire for God with missions and visions, they returned to their individual battle fields. We give our God wholehearted thanks for His mercy and faithfulness!

We also want to thank God for giving us “the bread of adversity and the water of affliction.” During the year, attacks and disturbances from Satan never stopped, “yet your Teacher will not hide himself anymore” (Isaiah 30:20). Therefore, we were humbled and thankful; we hid under God’s wings to reflect and construct, and we regarded our Almighty God as our shelter.

Looking into the future, we are confident that God’s promise is the source of our strength. “He will increase, and I will decrease.” – Let this be our New Year’s motto. May God’s glory be manifested in heaven and earth forever! The day of our Lord’s coming is near. Looking around, we see the sins of all people on earth reaching up to heaven; we see frequent disasters everywhere; we see God’s wrath coming down! Even though we are in different places, let us pray together with one heart. Let us plead to God to renew His deeds and show mercy in His wrath! Amen!

Let us remember and intercede for one another in front of God! Let us support one another. Let us depend on the one who adds strength to us and triumph! Glory to glory, let us delight God’s heart!


Home of Grace of North America
Dec. 15, 2011

We possess the imprint of the Lord!

August 23rd, 2011

Rev 13:16 / Ps 63

Revelation13:16 “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive or mark on his right hand or on his forehead.”

In Revelation13, there included two beasts. Verse 1-10: The beast out of the sea represented the anti-Christ; Verse 11-18: another beast out of the earth represented the false prophets. Read the rest of this entry »

Wishing You all a Happy New Year 2011!

January 29th, 2011

Dear Brothers & sisters, friends & families,

Greetings from Agnes! I hope that you all had a lovely & blessed Christmas wherever you were – Yes, I know that many places in Europe & USA had a white Christmas… In HK, we did have quite a cold weather too though no snow – but frost in the Hill top!
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CBS Calendar 2011 Download

January 5th, 2011

CBS Calendar 2011

2010 Christmas Sharing — With Gratitude to God(II)

December 22nd, 2010

( I ) Establishment of Home of Grace for Christ’s Workers in North America:
When we first arrived in New Orleans, we had only three persons. However, we persisted in this ministry everyday. Brother Zhang led the study of two chapters from the Bible by comparative method. I was responsible for the study of Psalms and the book of Revelation by the same method. Old sister Zhang was the only audience. Gradually few believers at New Orleans started to attend our Bible Study. And some co-workers came out from China to join us. Read the rest of this entry »