★ Brief Introduction of Us


During his recuperation in Tsiangshan, Beijing, John Song, God’s servant, through the Holy Spirit and prayer, was moved to designate six Cities of Refuge and forty-two Levitical towns (Joshua 20 and 21) for the purpose of training God’s workers. John Song called each of these six cities a “Home of Grace”. The forty-two towns are the New Testament reference to Antioch, where workers gather in prayer through the Holy Spirit to prepare for their work throughout the world.

God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Following Brother Song’s death, three Homes of Grace were established in succession, despite various trials and hardships. In 1995, a Home of Grace in New Orleans was set up and ratified as a non-profit religious organization by the State of Louisiana, USA.


We believe that all Scripture is God-inspired. Heaven and earth will pass away but the Word of God will never pass away. We firmly believe in incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He was born of the virgin Mary, He sacrificed, bled for the sin of all mankind, and was crucified on the cross as a sin offering. We deeply believe the truth of His resurrection, ascension into Heaven, His second coming, His kingdom and His judgment. We are fully convinced that all the unfulfilled prophecy in the Bible will be fulfilled in due time. Therefore, the entire scripture is the only principle guiding our behaviors and services.


(1) A Home of Grace is a retreat for all God’s workers.

(2) Our mission is to equip those who are newly called by God for ministry.

(3) We also provide a retreat for those needing short-term Bible study and prayer.

(4)We promote the world-wide spread of the gospel. All the co-workers of Home of Grace and those who come for retreat or training are sent out by the Holy Spirit to preach gospel worldwide. In addition, upon invitation, we assist churches or institutions in gospel preaching.


In the Home of Grace, every individual, the whole household, or those who are sent out by the Holy Spirit should live a life of faith by putting their hope only in God, never depending on man, never raising funds, and never borrowing. Nevertheless, we always care for each other’s needs as a family.


(1) Every morning, we have Bible study by the comparative method. (Please refer to the Introduction of Comparative Method of Bible Study in our web site.)

(2) In the afternoon, we have Bible study by the scroll, which lays a foundation of truth for those who are newly called by God through systematically reading the whole Bible. Instead of being spoon-fed, one is highly encouraged to read the Bible by oneself. As a result, one can correctly handle the word of truth as an approved workman of God.

(3) Watch and pray. The Home of Grace has a “Watch Room”, a prayer room, where we have non-stop watchful prayer, both day and night for the Church and the soul of the world. In addition, everyone in Home of Grace gathers at dusk to join in prayer and watch for God’s kingdom. The work in days to come is prayer. Through our prayers, the Holy Spirit will work endlessly, boundlessly, and measurelessly all over the world. As long as we call on God unceasingly, the work of the Holy Spirit will be unceasing. Where there is prayer, there is the work of the Holy Spirit and living water.

(4) Practice of preaching. Those who come to Home of Grace for long-term retreat or training are required to practice giving sermons. Practice of gospel preaching is also required when one is sent out by the Holy Spirit to work in a mission field. 

(1) Regardless of gender, age, education, race, nationality, denomination, mission, or organization, God’s workers and whoever wants to come to Home of Grace may write to us*. The application should include details of the calling of God, the move of God to come to the house of God, a resume and detailed health conditions, and a recommendation letter from a body in Christ. Upon receiving application material, the co-workers of the house of God will seek for God’s conviction with prudent prayer and general consent. Then, they will notify the applicant whether he could come to the Home of Grace or not.
(2) Whoever comes to the Home of Grace can stay no longer than I year, 6 months and 9 days the time needed to complete the study of the whole book of Bible by using the comparative method. In general, those who come for short-term retreat can stay no longer than six months.

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