Anna Wong’s Testimony (September, 2002)

I. Revived

Thanks and praises be given to our loving Father! In 1990, God revived me through reading the Bible. He used servants of Home of Grace to teach me how to read the Bible in detail by a method of Comparative Bible Study. I had felt so content in my soul since then.

How much I had been changed since I pay attention to God’s words! I used to love window-shopping and buying clothes most. I could walk for 4 to 5 hours in the mall and look at those beautiful clothes without feeling tired. But ever since I ate God’s word I had lost all the desire of window-shopping. I even felt it was quite boring. I became very interested in opening the Bible and reading God’s words. My husband always wanted to take me to the shopping mall on the weekend. But I told him, “I am not interested in it any more.” He was so shocked about my change. Once I went with my older sister to a big department store. I did not even lift my eyes to look at any of the beautiful clothes in the store. My older sister kept on asking me, “Are you sure that you do not want to have a look in the store?” But I had lost interest in it.

This change was not from me. I was changed because I had found a treasure much more precious than this world. That was the Lord Himself which means the word of God. Nothing I had desired before could be compared with God now. The word of God has made my heart content. I no longer hunger or thirst for anything of this world. I used to love reading the Chinese Newspapers. I could spend the whole day reading through every page of it. But now none of these could attract me! All day long I enjoyed talking to my Lord. I was so happy to pray and meditate on the scriptures I read everyday. When I was walking, I poured out my heart to my Lord. I myself could hardly believe this change. I became so thirsty and hungry for God’s words all day long. How I loved His word! I was so willing to share what I read and heard in the meeting of Bible Study with people over the phone. Every verse and every precious insight from Comparative Bible Study was imprinted in my heart. I did not even have to open the Bible when I shared with people. But I had never been familiar with the Bible since I was reborn. It was so amazed that this kind of Bible studying could imprint God’s words in my heart. I did not care how people would think of me. There was nothing in my heart except sharing this treasure with everyone. How I desired more and more people come and taste the goodness of God’s words.

But as soon as I was blessed, Satan came to attack me. My daughter was getting sick with high fever all the time so that I could not attend Bible Study in the morning. I was so scared and worried about her. Sister Mary then called me to share with me the insight of the scriptures we read everyday. Then she prayed with me. She told me that this was a spiritual war. Satan always prevented us from paying attention to God’s words. It wanted to stop us to love God wholeheartedly. Mary advised me to resist Satan, standing firm in faith. Some sisters and brothers had burden to pray earnestly for me. Praise the Lord! God helped me to break through this barrier. He took away all my fear.

Satan was not discouraged. After that it put doubts in my mind. I was doubtful about the method of Comparative Bible Study. Was this method from man or from God? God was so merciful to me. He used a sister to help me. She told me, “If this method is from God, He will teach you how to use it for Bible studying.” At that time, I always depended on the speakers to feed me insights from Comparative Bible Study. I did not know how to read the scriptures in comparison. But in a very short time, God really opened my eyes. I could see the wonders in the Scriptures when I used Comparative Method. I was confirmed by God that this method of Bible studying was from Him.

(1) Be Holy

What had helped me most from Comparative Bible Study were: (1) seeking holiness; (2) intercede for the whole world. After I read the Bible carefully by myself, I came to a complete awakening. I realized why I could have sunk into sins again after I believed in Jesus. If a Christian does not read the Bible and pray, he cannot take root in Jesus. How can he have victory in Jesus? How can he fight against the devil? I had never known that a Christian had a battle field to fight. Nor did I know how important it was to be holy. I had no idea that as a Christian I must hate sins or keep myself away from sins. I had never heard about that we must attack the power of sins. I was so ignorant about how the devil would pursue our spiritual lives. Seldom had I heard any servants of God expose and attack the power of sins so boldly as Home of Grace. What I had heard in church was usually on the level of knowledge or theory. Therefore, I did not know what to do when I really faced temptations or seductions in secret. I could only surrender to the Prostitute. How sad I sank into sins again. I was so ashamed to ask help from anyone because I was a Christian. Satan came to accused me of my sins. I lost all my faith and strength; and I could only cry bitterly in darkness. Though I felt ashamed whenever I sinned, I could not stop it. I really did not know how to come out of it. God reached down from on high and drew me out of deep waters. He cleansed me and healed me by the Holy Bible. Servants of Home of Grace guided me to read God’s words carefully everyday by Comparative Bible Study. Day after day, and little by little, God’s words made me alive.

I know there are many Christians have been secretly swallowed or defiled by the evil spirits just like me before. How I mourn for them. I pray that as long as I live God will use me to snatch back Christians who have been swallowed by Satan. May God use me to help people to be saved, to have victory and to be holy by THE WORD OF GOD. May God’s word be regarded as the highest on the whole earth.

(2) Pray for the whole world

I usually heard servants of Home of Grace talking about their ministry regarding 48 locations of city of refuge and of Levites’ towns. I did not know what it meant. But I thought it pleased the Lord to care about the soul of the whole world. They always reminded us to pray for everyone to be saved on the earth. They also encouraged us to intercede for churches all over the world. Repeatedly they reminded us of I Timothy 2/1-4, “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come up to a knowledge of the truth.” But how could we do that since there were so many countries and countless people? (Later I found that they had divided the whole world into 42 regions for intercession and for their ministry. There were 6 cities of refuge scattered over 42 regions. The principle of division was according to the population of each area. This was based on scriptures of Numbers 35.)

One day Mary showed me how to intercede for everyone and for the whole world. First, she gave me a piece of paper which listed every country on the earth and locations of 48 cities. She explained to me that I only needed to read through the list by faith, from the first country to the last one. It was just like sending a telegram to God. Secondly, she taught me to write down names of every relative and friend of mine on a little prayer book. I was to pray for each one by names to God everyday. In this way I was praying for everyone and for the whole world. It was quite reasonable to do, I thought. From that day on, when my daughter was taking a nap in the afternoon, I started to pray reverently to God for everyone and the whole world. It was so amazing. When I started to practice it as a child, the Holy Spirit became my teacher. The Holy Spirit taught me how to pray for each country. He also taught me that I should pray more for places that had touched my heart. At that time I had special burden when I prayed for India and Africa.

(A) Preach to the whole world

Before long I received an unexpected blessing. I had an unusual dream. In my dream, I saw countless people praying on their knees at a big open space. Everyone was praying for inheritance. (Inheritance means to preach gospel and to snatch souls for the Lord.) They were so earnest in prayers that their voice shook the heaven and the earth. Their prayers sounded like thundering. The Lord Jesus radiated standing in the center of them. He was giving orders and assigning inheritance to them. He told this one to go over there. He ordered that one to go over here. Everyone had got his inheritance, and they had all left for their inheritances. There was only one sister and I left. I thought it was terrible, only two of us were left here! At the end, even this sister was sent by the Lord, and she was about to leave. I was left alone. I felt so ashamed! Then I asked the Lord softly with shame, “O Lord! O Lord! How about me? Where should I go then?” I heard a very gentle laughter, the Lord said, “As for you, you go to everywhere all over the world!” Then I woke up in a surprise. What did it mean? I was very confused. But I knew this was not an ordinary dream. I shared it with Mary as soon as possible. She told me that the Lord wanted me to preach gospel for Him to everywhere all over the world.

(B) My sister was saved

There was another blessing when I started to intercede for everyone and for the whole world. One of my older sisters was converted to Jesus Christ! She was the third one in my family. She had been seeking the Lord for a long time. But she was discouraged by her environment. She did not have faith in Jesus because she thought her prayers had not been answered. Since I started to intercede for everyone, I put her name on my prayer book. One day she came to my house and asked me to do something for her. Then she left for her home. Later that night she called me and she cried so hard over the phone. I asked her what had happened. She told me that she almost died in a terrible car accident. When she was driving home, she dozed off on the highway. Within seconds she found herself in a high speed was going to hit the fence of that highway. She cried to Jesus, “Save me!” at the most critical moment. Jesus truly saved her from death. Her car was completely crashed but she was not hurt at all. That night she prayed with me over the phone to accept Jesus as her personal savior. Praise the Lord! When I finished that phone call, I clearly heard the Lord said to me, “You see! When you pray for the whole world, the Holy Spirit works powerfully wherever you pray for. Those who you intercede will be saved.”

This is a big gift that God gave me when I first started to learn to intercede for everyone and for the whole world. I was encouraged a lot. Maybe I will not have a chance to see any effect of intercession for the whole world. I truly believe that the Holy Spirit will work powerfully to convict the soul of everyone. The whole world will be on fire for gospel if we are willing to pay a price of intercession. The effect of intercession is beyond our imagination.

(C) My Daughter intercedes for the whole world

Since I was revived in 1990, I had learned to bring up my daughter according to the word of God. When my daughter was two or three years old, I had a burden to teach her to intercede for the whole world. But how could I do that? She was too young to know so many names of the country. Nor could she memorize them. The Holy Spirit taught me to help her to memorize the name of each continent. Therefore, every night before she went to bed, I taught her to pray like this, “Let people in America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia believe in Jesus Christ. And let everyone on the earth repent and be saved. Let them be reborn. Amen!” I prayed with her like this every night. Pretty soon she could memorize it all by herself. If she did not say this prayer, she could not fall asleep. How amazing it was!

When my daughter was three or four years old, she had an illness in her hands. I brought her to the doctor. The doctor said she had the illness of “rich man’s hand”. All of her fingers would be infected. If she touched water, then the infection of her fingers would be worse. She must keep her hands dry all the time. There was no medicine to cure it. I thought how was it possible for a girl not to do any housework? How suffering it was for her to have this kind of illness? No one would dare to make friends with her when they saw her hands. I felt very sorry for her. Sometimes she was better, and sometimes she got worse. My husband and I could only leave it with God completely by faith.

After some time I myself could memorize the names of every country in the world and the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns. As my daughter grew older, two of us would join together to intercede for the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns and the ministry of Home of Grace for Christ’s Workers. Very soon she could pray for some part of it by memory. But after I returned to Taiwan, I backslid and was captive to Babylon. I stopped interceding for the whole world. In fact, I did not pray at all during that time. After I was restored again, sometimes I would pray for the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns. Usually I would say those places by memory, and she would shout, “Amen!” Then I was so involved with my teaching job that I forgot to intercede for the world with her. One day, her fingers started to have infection. It was getting worse and worse. Even both of her hands were infected. I was so worry and did not know what to do. I quickly brought her to confess to the Lord. We prayed the Lord would shine upon us and search our hearts. Had she touched any things that were unclean in the eyes of God? Or had she done anything that she should not have done? We earnestly prayed that the blood of the Lord would cleanse all of her transgressions. When we finished praying, a thought came to mind, “Was it because she did not pray for the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns?” And I had a clear burden to write down on papers all of the places of the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns. And I knew I had to write them neatly in a large print. I was to post it on the wall of her room after I finished it. It was about 12 o’clock midnight. I was very tired. But I was pushed by the Holy Spirit to do it immediately. When I finished it, it was 2 o’clock in the morning. Then I post it on the wall of her room according to the conviction in my heart. At that time I did not understand why the Lord wanted me to do it. But I prayed to God for a sign. I prayed, “O Lord, if you truly want her to pray faithfully for the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns, please help her to do it. Lord, please heal her completely as a sign.”

Next morning as soon as she got up, I admitted my sins to my daughter. It was my fault that I did not help her to continue to pray for the whole world. I also told her what God had put in my heart about the cause and the cure of her illness. God wanted her to pray for every location of the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns. To her this was a very difficult thing. She was a very impatient person, and she only knew few words at that time. But she promised to do it because she wanted God to heal her as soon as possible. Her illness had given her a lot of pain and inconvenience.

It was very hard for the first few days. Every night we spent a very long time to go through the names for every location. It was about two weeks later, one day she came back from school and told me happily, “Mommy, look, this finger has scab!” I could hardly believe what I saw by my eyes. If a wound got scab, it meant it was getting healed. At first, there were only one or two fingers healed. Pretty soon there was no more infection on any of her fingers. Then all the scab was gone, her hands were healed completely.

I could not describe how shock I was about her healing. For the first time I realized how zealous our God was about the work of the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns. God even earnestly desired a little girl to pray for the ministry destined by Him. When we aimed our prayers at God’s desire and prayed for it faithfully, even the dead would come back to life. (The doctor had said that there was no cure of my daughter’s fingers.) The ministry of the 48 cities of refuge and the Levites’ towns is truly a work that will be accomplished by God. No one can hinder it! Nor can it be destroyed by anyone! God will set up this ministry on the earth in His time. Does not it take only a little time, “till the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest.” (Isaiah 32/15) Let all the glory and thanks be given to our only true God. Amen! I am convinced, “Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” (Joshua 21/45)

II. Moved into Home of Grace

In 1993 all the co-workers in Home of Grace had a clear calling from God that they should go to New Orleans to set up the sixth City of Refuge. There was only one older brother had burden to stay in Baltimore. They asked me to pray for God’s will whether my whole family could move into Home of Grace in Baltimore. They needed someone to look after that older brother. I was so shock when I heard this big change. Who would teach me Bible if they all left? How I hated moving! I had so many stuffs in my house. This was terrible. I just moved into this flat less than a year. Did I have to move into Home of Grace? I thought I could do that easily without moving because I lived only few blocks away from Home of Grace. I went to tell my husband and a young sister in Jesus lived with us about it. None of them liked this idea. I could not make up my mind either. I tried to delay my decision on it as long as possible. I did not want to move until the last minute. Finally God intervened. All of a sudden, there were fleas all over my flat. Though my neighbor lived downstairs had a big dog, there had never been any flea. My husband, the young sister, my daughter and I could not rest day and night because of the flea. We asked the landlord to exterminate our flat thoroughly. But it was useless. Among four of us I was bitten the most by the flea. My daughter was the least. The flea bit me all over. I could only go to the doctor for treatment. The doctor told me that he could not guarantee my healing because the flea could be anywhere in my house. I was so desperate that I prayed to the Lord. I completely confessed my rebellion to God. That was why the flea attacked me the most. I had no excuse but to move now. In fact, I could hardly wait to move out of that horrible flat. Who could know God’s love and wisdom? Though I had moved close enough to Home of Grace, I was not in His destined place. God wanted me to enter into the place He chose for me. For there God bestowed His blessing on me. God used the flea to push me into His ministry of Home of Grace. From that time on I started to understand this ministry more and had a clear burden of it.

III. My Calling

In 1994 God called me to serve Him full-time in a dream. But before that I had knew my entrustment in a dream. It was like this: I was in a nursing home for Christians. All those who lived there were old sisters in Jesus. They were very weak and old. Each one had a container for spit beside her bed. I was there serving them and poured out the spit in their containers one by one. When I was pouring out the last container, that sister talked to me in English. She said, “You will return to your ‘hometown’ Beijing!” As soon as I woke up, I knew the first Home of Grace, Beijing was my entrustment.

One Saturday night the Young Adult Fellowship met in my house. One brother led us to sing a hymn, “I have decided to follow Jesus”. It was the first time I had ever heard that hymn. When I sang it, I was not touched at all. After the meeting, I cleaned up the house and went to bed exhaustedly. I had a dream: I was standing in the center of a group of people. Everyone was so happy and joyful. They were clapping and singing, “I have decided to follow Jesus. I have decided to follow Jesus. The world is behind me; the cross is ahead of me. Never regret! Never return!” It was a farewell meeting for me to set off for the Lord. After the singing, there was a loud voice saying to me, “You come out NOW.” The word “NOW” was especially emphasized. Then I woke up at once. Let thanks be to God. I was not qualified to serve Him. But God clearly and truly called me.

IV. Leave Egypt and Be Blessed

Before the eve of 2000, God had assembled many brothers and sisters in New Orleans for an overnight prayer meeting for the new Millennium. I also attended it. I was especially convicted to quit my teaching job so that I could serve God wholeheartedly. Everyone there encouraged me to do it as soon as I returned to Taiwan.

But when I went home I did not quit my job. I did not have enough faith to face the reality. If I really quitted my job, how could I face my husband? How could I ask him to be the only wage earner in the family? All my relatives would scold me if I did not earn any money to help him. I also thought about my self-esteem. I felt very ashamed to ask money from my husband for everyday spending. In Taiwan, people look down on housewives. I had been used to easy and luxury lifestyle for the past few years since I earned lots of money. How could I maintain my lifestyle without a job? I was so reluctant to give up this fat salary, $800 US dollars a month. I told God every good reason and my desire for not quitting my job. But the Holy Spirit kept on pushing me. Finally I went reluctantly to my boss for resignation. But my boss urged me not to resign. She was so nice to me and praised me. It was not of character for her. I did not realize that this was from the devil to stop me from coming out of Egypt. I was so foolish that I thought I deserved praising. I went home and told God at once, “Lord, it is not my fault. You see, my boss won’t let me quit!” But the Holy Spirit would not let go of me. Therefore, I went to my boss for resignation again and again. But each time my boss urged me to stay. This situation lasted for few months. I felt so relieved and happy. After all I did not have to resign from my job! I did not have to face so many problems.

But then suddenly in April, Sister Mary came to Taiwan. She had planned to go to Singapore for God’s ministry. When she stopped over in Hong Kong, the Holy Spirit clearly moved her to go to Taiwan one morning when she was praying. She had not plan to come to Taiwan and did not know why. But she obeyed God. That was how she suddenly arrived at Taiwan. When I met her, she did not mention anything about my job. One weekend I accompanied Sister Mary to Taipei to visit a small church. It seemed that no one was really interested in her sermon. But just before we were leaving, the Pastor urged us to come back again. Immediately, I thought it was impossible. First of all, Sister Mary was going back to America soon. Nor could I come since I worked.

Then we went back to Tainan Home of Grace. It was midnight when we arrived there. We still got up about 2 or 3 am to study the Bible. I was very sleepy. About 6 o’clock in the morning, Sister Mary told me that she had prayed about the invitation from Taipei. She solemnly told me that I should go up to Taipei every Sunday to help that pastor. I knew this was a serious matter. I told her that I would pray for confirmation when I went home. And there was a thought in my mind: Unless I quit my job, I could not go up to Taipei. After I went home, I prayed about it. I was clearly confirmed by the Holy Spirit, “This is the time to quit my job.” By the power of the Holy Spirit I had no struggling or fear. On the contrary, I had peace and strength in my heart. But I really did not know how God would do it? All of a sudden, many students dropped off from my class within the next few days. God had changed the environment. Therefore, I went to tell my boss that she should cancel my class since there were very little students left. I told her I must resign; I did not want her to lose money on me. But she insisted that I stayed and she would not lower my salary. She would put ads for new students for my class.

Few days later, when I was reading Exodus 12 and Jeremiah 15, the whole chapter of Exodus 12 revealed to me. It was not by miracles that the Israel came out of Egypt. I always thought my boss would never let me go even if there was great change in the environment. But the Lord told me it was by the Passover Lamb slaughtered that the Israel came out of Egypt. The Lord made me understand that He wanted me to depend on His grace completely. God also promised me that He would do wonderful and great things for me. When I received these promises, I was completely relieved. I was so joyful. But God instructed me that there were few things I must do as He commanded me. First, I must continue to pay attention to Bible study and prayers. This was the source of my strength and faith to do the following instructions. Secondly, God wanted me to announce the date of my resignation to my boss, and then leave her office at once. God clearly told me that the date of my resignation would be May 10. Thirdly, do not consult with people. I should not tell my husband before I did it. That day I was filled with the Spirit of joy. I was so happy that I felt I was going to fly when I was riding a scooter. Why was I so joyful? I could hardly believe it by myself. Should not I cry about quitting my job or worry about my future?

It was by grace and faith that I became very bold and had no fear any more. But I carefully followed every instruction as the Lord told me. I continued to read the Bible and pray every day as usual. I also went to see my boss and told her clearly that I had decided to resign on May 10. Then I left her office at once as God had told me. I did not give her a chance to persuade me to work for her. The Holy Spirit miraculously stuffed my ears and I did not hear anything she said. How amazing it was.

But I felt very weak on May 10. As soon as I got up in the morning, my heart was heavy laden. I thought I would suffer from now on. I thought about how my husband would humiliate me when I asked money from him. All my easy life was gone. I could never spend money as my heart desired. I must be ready to face all kinds of despite, humiliation, insults, and accusations. I determined to obey God even if I had to die. That morning I had to attend a Woman Fellowship. I did not tell anyone about my resignation. After that meeting, I was still heavy laden. When I was going to unlock my scooter, I found the lock was broken into two. This kind of lock was very strong and was designed to prevent stealing. It could hardly be broken even by a big hammer or a saw. How could it break into two by itself today? I just bought it recently. I almost broke into tears. “O Lord, don’t you know that I cannot earn any money from Today. It will cost me a lot of money to buy a new lock. Lord, don’t you understand my difficulties?” I had no choice but to buy a new lock in the afternoon before I went to work. I paid a lot of money for it. But when I came out of the store, a hymn welled up in my heart, “All chains have fallen.” My daughter used to listen to this hymn. I understood it at once. The Lord used this broken lock to tell me that He had broken every yoke of Egypt and Pharaoh on me by Himself. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Who else could bring me out of Egypt? Who could have such a great power and an arm to break all the iron locks and bronze shackles for me? All of my worry, self-love and self-pity were gone at once. I was full of joy and praise. Then I went hurriedly to finish the very last class.

When I was teaching in the classroom, I felt it was so hard to leave those kids forever. I had been with these students for more than 5 years. I loved them as my own kids. I always invited them to my home for holidays. Now I would not see them again. I was so sad that I was almost in tears. I thought they might be very sad when they heard that I would not teach them any more. At the end of the class, I told them sadly that this was my last lesson. But none of them felt sad, every one was laughing. I felt angry and upset. I blamed these kids in my heart, “How ungrateful they are.” They had no feeling at all. I truly wasted my time and my love on them. Therefore, after the class I took my scooter and went home without looking at them. But on the way home, one Bible verse came to me, “Not a hoof will be left.” Then I realized that it was God’s doing. God wanted me to leave Egypt completely without any attachment to the students. Hallelujah! All glory to the only wise and almighty God.

To obey God’s instruction I did not tell my husband before I resigned. We used to have dinner very late, because I got off from work very late. After I resigned, I could cook dinner early and we had dinner on time. My husband felt strange and asked me, “How could you come home early to cook dinner for the past few days?” I was very scared when he said that. I answered him softly, “I have quitted my job.” His face changed at once, and he looked terrible. He went to the balcony and stood there for a long time. Then he came in and told me, “You will drink the wind from the north-west.” (A Chinese sayings means you will have nothing to live on.) I dared not say a word. I ran back to the room and prayed to the Lord for strength. My husband could not sympathize with me. Did I really have to depend on him for every cent for the rest of my life?

When my parents knew about it, they scolded me harshly. They said I was crazy to give up such a fat salary. They scorned me as useless because I stayed home and did not work. God gave me strength to endure all of it.

During that time I had hoped that my husband would be promoted and have a higher salary in July. Did not God promise me that He would do wonderful great thing for me? I thought my husband would absolutely get a promotion this time. But every application for promotion was accepted except my husband’s. When I heard it, I was very upset. I did not understand the will of God about it. Then the Lord asked me, “Now do you still want to follow me?” I said, “You know it well. You know it well. I will follow you. I will.” This was a test for me.

At the end of July, I was sent abroad by God to do His work again. God not only provided me with tickets and money for the trip. He also blessed me richly in that trip. There were three of us for that trip. I was not the speaker. I only helped them with some chores. But God made people to give most of their offerings to me. When I returned home, I gave some of the money to my parents as a witness for Jesus. Then I gave the rest of the money to my husband, he refused to take it. He told me that I should keep it so that I could use it to preach gospel to the ends of the world. What a surprise it was! My husband even agreed to take care of our daughter and the housework when I was away for gospel preaching. Later, he became a co-worker of our ministry. He helped me to make contacts with people so that I could travel from places to places without problems. My parents were very against me because I served the Lord full-time. They usually put lots of pressure on me. This was my cross. God permitted it, and used them to test my heart. My husband usually defended for me before my parents when there were persecutions or troubles. Sometimes when I called him from mission field, he would comfort me. He told me not to worry about my parents; he would cover me up. Though he was not very happy about taking care of our daughter and the housework when I was away, he always did it in obedience of God. He even supported me with tickets and spendings for my missionary trips. He also helped me with money changing and many things regarding my ministry. I truly believed that God would remember him and reward him greatly for everything he had done to support His ministry.

In this way I had lived by faith for one year. I had lacked of nothing. I could even afford to go abroad for God’s works many times. It was out of my expectation that my husband would have helped me and supported me.

In 2001 the end of July, my husband successfully passed the evaluation in the university. He not only became a full professor but a director. The amount of salary raised by the university every month was exactly the amount I earned before I quit. It was not a cent more, or less. How faithful, wonderful and almighty our God is! Even my husband was so surprised that he was speechless. In addition to it, he was chosen as the best professor of the year in his university. He received a big prize and a huge amount of reward. But my husband was not eloquent at all; he could hardly express himself clearly. I witnessed to him: These honor and reward were from God. It was because he had been helping me with our daughter and the housework when I was away for God’s works. My husband agreed with me, nodding his head all the time, and said, “Amen.”

For the past few years there was a recession in Taiwan. Lots of people were either laid off or lowered their salary. But my family was blessed abundantly by God. My parents had been also blessed since I obeyed the Lord to serve Him full-time. Our love to the Lord and our labor in the Lord will never be in vain!

I was just an ordinary house wife. But the Lord has worked so much on me to mold me into His works. I believed God’s calling and His higher will are touching on the lives of tens of thousands of women. God calls us not only to be the wise and noble women, but also to be the women preaching good news. This does not mean to throw away our families. It means we must surrender to God’s higher calling completely. When we are very clear about the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we shall obey God to go anywhere He wants us to go for gospel preaching.

For the past few years, my co-workers and I have never gone any place by our own will. We have always sought carefully for confirmation from the word of God, the Bible, and environment for each trip. Willingly we have paid the costs of every missionary trip by ourselves. We have never depended on any organization. We look upon God’s provision wholeheartedly. We have seldom received any offerings because we usually go to new locations for opening up for Home of Grace. But we joyfully give offerings to the needy. Neither have we wasted any offerings given to God’s works. In His grace we simply serve God in a good conscience.

When there is a conflict between God’s mind and man’s. We must absolutely follow God’s mind. We must love God more than anything. I do not mean that I am very strong or I have conquered all the troubles. I know that I am the weakest of all. I am the least who will leave home for gospel preaching. But I have experienced how the Lord has helped me to overcome every trouble. Each time God is faithful. He even changed environment for me. Therefore, I could only obey His words and the Holy Spirit to go where He sent me and to do what He wanted me to do.

It is a pity that for the past few years I had not progressed in terms of spiritual life. I had so much failure and struggling in taking the narrow way. The main hindrance was the problem of “self”. I was reluctant to live for Jesus. I always regarded myself and my family as the first priority. When the Holy Spirit convicted me, I cried very hard. But when it was time to take action, I could not follow Jesus as Ruth, leaving everything behind to follow the suffering mother-in-law Naomi. Therefore, many who are the last now are ahead of me. I pray that the Lord will get rid of “Orpah” in my heart and change me into a real “Ruth”. I pray that for the rest of life I will go and stay where God wants me to stay. I will die where God wants me to die. I want to accomplish His will and make His heart content. I am convinced that God is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.

Anna Wong

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