A Letter to Pastor Thomas Wang —- by Mary and her seven co-workers

Faithful servant of God Pastor Thomas Wang:

I am thankful that God gives me a chance to attend the meeting of GCOWE’95 regarding the AD 2000 & Beyond Movement.  For years, my co-workers and I have been praying day and night for the spread of the gospel and the coming of the worldwide revival.  Therefore, when we learned that God has gathered so many of his servants from so many countries for this meeting, we feel particularly grateful and excited.  We pray many times a day for this meeting, hoping that a great revival that exceeds the one in the times of Acts will come through this meeting.  May the full number of those who are saved come in to prepare the coming the Lord!

I understand that you will be so busy during the meeting that you can hardly have any chance to conduct a long conversation with people. Therefore, allow me to share with you our concerns and suggestions regarding the worldwide gospel preaching in a letter.

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