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The Story of the Bamboo

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

For those who have planted bamboo will understand, the size of the bamboo depends on the size of the bamboo shoot. In a bamboo garden, during the time of growing season, there sprang an extraordinary huge bamboo shoot. The size was so large that even one man could not hold it. The gardener was very happy and came everyday to see it. He specially loved this bamboo shoot, watered it, monitored it and often said to this bamboo shoot, “One day when you are grown up, I will use you mightily.”

The bamboo shoot was very pleased on hearing this. It continued to grow, meditate and wait. The bamboo was so joyful each time the gardener came to see it. The bamboo shoot often felt this in its heart, “O Lord, I am here. I am being highly recognized and appreciated. My existence on earth is to be for your usage. There is an old saying, ‘A scholar is ready to die for anyone who understands him.’ I am willing to give away myself to be of use to the Lord!”

In this way, the gardener loved this unusual bamboo. The bamboo also enjoyed the love from its master. Filled with joy, the bamboo awaited for the gardener to see it every day to experience the intimate love.

Unknowingly three years has passed by. This bamboo has grown to be sky-reaching high, tall and firm, fair in its crown with flourished leaves. The whole plant looked healthy and nice-looking. Everyone who saw the bamboo would commend as extraordinary and excellent in its kind. The bamboo was very satisfied about itself and was grateful to the gardener for his favor to be chosen. It became more anxious to be of use by its owner, just as what the gardener has promised. But this day had not come yet. How the bamboo longed to be of use by its master.

The time has come. One day, the gardener came, running around the bamboo, watching and said to the bamboo, “I am going to use you, are you willing?” The bamboo was so delighted and replied, “Lord, I am here. I am meant to be for your use. I existed so you may use me. Because you have chosen me, you knew me and recognized me.” The bamboo has been waiting for this day to repay the master for his grace.

However, the gardener said, “I am going to cut you down!” “O o…” The bamboo was saddened. “Does it mean that I cannot live? I will die!” The bamboo was so miserable. “Are you willing?” “This……” The gardener said, “If you are not willing, I cannot use you.” When the bamboo heard this, it became more grievous. If I could not be used by my master, it would be more unbearable than to be cut off and die. Since it sprouted, it has been loved by its gardener, being chosen by Him. Everyday it said to itself, “My greatest desire is to live to be for the Lord’s work. If the Lord cannot use me, then all the good comments are meaningless and worthless. What is more important than to be used by the Lord.” ‘I am willing!” The bamboo cried as it pleaded with the gardener. “Even to death I will accept, only that you will use me, do whatever you find good!”

Then the gardener cut down the bamboo and said, “I will also cut off the beautifully trimmed leaves.” “Woo…., Lord, all my good comment, my good behavior on earth, can they not be preserved? Can I reserve a little in remembrance?” The bamboo felt very hard to leave all that it had possessed and being boasted of and admired by all other bamboo. “If this is retained, I cannot use you!” “Oh, woo….” The bamboo cried. Is there anything far greater despair than not to be used by its master? “O Lord, cut whatever you wish. I am willing to give up everything to be of your use.” The bamboo gladly revealed how often, when cared for by the Lord, has expressed with tears its thankfulness for the Lord.

Then the gardener cut off the head of the bamboo and trimmed off all its leaves. The bamboo felt very sad. All its former height and fine shape fell down, the thick crown – once was its glory now disappeared. Not a little of its good–looking foliage – its good behavior on earth, was left…. “Lord, I am to be for your use. Now you can take me. I am here.”

However, the gardener said, “I still cannot use you now. I need to burn through your heart. Then I can use you. Are you willing?” ‘Oh, oh! How unbearable is to be burnt through the heart! Lord, can you take away this bitter cup from me? Can you not burn me?” The Lord said, “Then I cannot use you!” “Woo, woo…. What can be sadder than not to be used by you? Lord, burn as you wish!” The gardener said, “Not only to burn but to burn through every sector! “Lord, burn as you wish, only to be used by you, to be used by you, will I be useful. Otherwise I am nothing.” The bamboo cried in distress as it replied the gardener.

Then the gardener burned through every bamboo section, so there was no hindrance between each section. Though the heart of the bamboo was burnt with great pain, it was determined to be used by its gardener. What could have been better than to fulfill its desires?

Finally the gardener burnt through the bamboo, made it into a big natural tube and placed it between the peaks of two hills. Later on, this bamboo became a pipeline of blessing bringing forth source of living water to be directed to another dried hill slope. It continued to irrigate and nourish ten thousand acres of rich fields. The watered harvest enjoyed the love from the Heavenly Father happily, growing day by day. The gratefulness for the Heavenly Lord grew day by day. Everyone gave thanks to the Creator of all things unceasingly. May this good message serve as our encouragement,

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

“Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter” Isaiah 64:10 “…So the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.” Jeremiah 18:4

“If a man cleanses himself from the latter, he will be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.” 2 Timothy 2:21

Dear brothers and sisters: let us humble ourselves before God who is all powerful, bent our knees and worship Him. Always emptying ourselves and die to the old-self, so the word of the Lord and His Spirit may fill us and make us a suitable instrument, a pipeline of living water, pouring out everywhere to million acres of good field and thirsty heart.