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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

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Monday, October 27th, 2014

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Genesis 48 / Jeremiah 1

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Genesis 48 / Jeremiah 1 3 paragraphs 7 vs. 6

Listen quietly to the word of the Lord; discern and listen clearly then preach God’s word bravely.

Psalm 48 / Revelation 13:1

Let us consider well, obey completely and spread the Lord’s word then the enemies will flee.

Key Verses Genesis 48:11 / Jeremiah 1:7-8

Genesis 48 / Jeremiah 1

1.  Discern and listen clearly

Though Jacob’s carnal eyes were failing, he discerned in the Spirit. He did not submit to man’s will but proclaimed God’s will. He discerned and listened clearly to God’s words. He turned people to the Lord to do His will.

2.  Preach God’s word bravely

He who is called by God must first listen quietly and be filled God’s words. He must see correctly and hear clearly before he is sent by God. If we preach God’s word bravely, God will be with us.

Psalm 48 / Revelation 13:1                             Honor His way / The enemy escapes

Do not fear the enemy though he has ten horns and seven heads. Great is the Lord for he is my fortress. Consider well, obey completely and spread the Lord’s word. When God is with me the enemies will flee.

Genesis 49 / Jeremiah 2

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Genesis 49 / Jeremiah 2 4 paragraphs 8 vs. 9

Blessed is he who departs from evil and honors His way. Disgraced is he who departs from the Lord and turns his back from Him.

Psalm 49 / Revelation 13:2

Worldly prestige and splendor are all in vain. Only through understanding and saving others we will gain eternal life.

Key Verses Genesis 49:10 / Jeremiah 2:13

Genesis 49 / Jeremiah 2

1. Depart from evil and honor His way

He who gratifies his sinful desires loses God’s grace. Cursed are those who follow the flesh and hate people. But those who have another intention – departing from evil and honoring His way, overcoming the enemy by trusting in the Lord will be blessed greatly.

2. Stray from the Lord and be disgraced

When God’s children forsook the Lord, backslid and loved other gods, ran wild as inspired by human desire, and abandoned the living water and dug broken cisterns, they would not succeed but be disgraced.

Psalm 49 / Revelation 13:2                            Eternal life / Worldly splendor

The worldly riches, power and splendor are all meaningless. The result is destruction. When you are rich, pursue understanding quickly. Proclaim salvation widely and lead others to have the true blessing of eternal life.

Genesis 50 / Jeremiah 3

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Genesis 50 / Jeremiah 3 25 paragraphs 1 vs.1

When Jacob died, Joseph and the people mourned, confessed and buried him. The Lord will save and comfort.

Psalm 50 / Revelation 13:3

Though the whole world follows the beast, let us obey and keep the covenant, be thankful and glorify God.

Key Verses Genesis 50:20 / Jeremiah 3:12

Genesis 50/ Jeremiah 3

1.  Mourn and bury

There was a great mourning at Abel Mizraim. We should confess and contrite, bury our old self and return to the Lord wholeheartedly. He will save us and make us fruitful and increase in number. We will also possess the land of other nations..

2.  Return from rebellion

Return quickly, you who are faithless. Though you have lived as prostitutes, you can return to God.  So long as you confess and seek God earnestly, God will save you and comfort you.

Psalm 50 / Revelation 13:3                            Glorify God / Follow the beast

Even when the whole world is following the beast, God calls on His people to listen to Him. It is not a matter of offering but be sure to remove your wickedness. Be thankful and pay your vows to preach and glorify God.

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

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Genesis 47 / Isaiah 66

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Genesis 47 / Isaiah 66 3 paragraphs 9 vs. 7

Let us fear God and obey His commands. We will possess the land and provide bread for many. However, punishment will come if we break His commands.

Psalm 47 / Revelation 12:17

Our God is the Most High. We will triumph by faith if we honor His way and testify for Him.

Key Verses Genesis 47:29-30 / Isaiah 66:1-2

Genesis 47 / Isaiah 66

1.  Obey and be comforted

He who fears God and obeys His commands will be comforted by Him. He will become a spring of blessings for the whole world when the time comes. He will provide land for his household. In addition, he will provide the bread of life for the whole world.

2.  Disobey and be judged

God esteems those who tremble at His commands and obey them. He will set a sign to send them to all nations proclaiming the glory of the Lord and leading the people to God. But the hypocrite will be judged and put to shame.

Psalm 47 / Revelation 12:17                    Obey / Triumph over

The enemy is enraged and goes off to make war against those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of the Lord. Let us triumph over the enemy through faith because God is the Most High. Sing a psalm of praise for all peoples are returning to the Lord.

Genesis 46 / Isaiah 65

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Genesis 46 / Isaiah 65 9 paragraphs 4 vs. 3

Blessed is he who seeks the Lord to remove the wickedness and honor His way. He who departs from God will wail.

Psalm 46 / Revelation  12:16

Lean on to the Lord and be still. God is with us; heaven and earth work for the good.

Key Verses Genesis 46:3-4 / Isaiah 65:1-2

Genesis 46 / Isaiah 65

1.  Seek and be blessed

Seek the Lord and follow His will. Do not be afraid for God is with you. Honor His way and preach His word. The whole family of Jacob became a living scroll – tending sheep as their occupation and lives in Goshen.

2.  Wail if you depart from the Lord

Those who depart from the Lord and turn their backs at the word, doing what is shameful, being arrogant and self-deceiving will end in wailing. Whoever seeks God will inherit the mountains. They will be blessed and rejoice in God.

Psalm 46 / Revelation 12:16                    Be still / God helps

Lean on to the Lord in times of trouble. Walk in His way and He will be with you. Be still and wait till the time comes, God will help us for heaven and earth work for the good.

Genesis 45 / Isaiah 64

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Genesis 45 / Isaiah 64 4 paragraphs 7 vs. 3

Let us bear the blame and request earnestly so that God will rend the heavens and come down to bring us the great revival.

Psalm 45 / Revelation 12:15

Love righteousness, hate wickedness, and run toward the goal; lest one be harmed.

Key Verses Genesis 45:7 / Isaiah 64:4

Genesis 45 / Isaiah 64

1. God rends the heavens and comes down

He who understands a father’s heart is willing to bear the blame and intercede. As a result, the Lord could no longer control Himself and rend the heavens and came down. God’s miracles are beyond our imagination. Revival comes and men’s hearts are awakened..

2. Confess and pray earnestly

People continue to sin despite God’s anger. This condition has been for long. Can we still be saved? Let us not despair but confess and pray earnestly. When God works, revival will come.

Psalm 45 / Revelation 12:15                    Press forward / Avoid being harmed

O Lord, you are the most excellent of men. You love righteousness and hate evil. Let us listen to His word and ponder on it, and forget what is behind us and run toward what is ahead of us. If we backslide we will be harmed by our enemy.

Genesis 44 / Isaiah 63

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Genesis 44 / Isaiah 63 4 paragraphs 9 vs. 5

Let us understand the father’s heart He wants us to deny ourselves, take up the infirmities, and to intercede for the weaker body.

Psalm 44 / Revelation 12:14

Let us flee to the Lord by reading the Bible and praying to avoid death and bear fruit

Key Verses Genesis 44:32-33 / Isaiah 63:9

Genesis 44 / Isaiah 63

1. Deny ourselves and bear the blame

When the sacks were filled with food and there was enough silver, they could have returned in peace and enjoyed. But who could understand a father’s heart because the youngest was enslaved? Let us be the one who would rather deny ourselves, bear the blame and intercede for the youngest.

2. Intercede to avoid wrath

The year of God’s redemption has come, but there is no one to intercede. Therefore, God is angry. Be sure to understand that God’s heart wants us to confess and intercede for His children, so that God will hold back His wrath and instead show compassion to the remnants.

Psalm 44 / Revelation 12:14                    Listen and pray / The spiritual wings

Listening to God’s word and praying are the two spiritual wings. Let us flee to the desert and enter into His fortress to avoid death and have life. Take root in faith and proclaim His salvation thereby everywhere will bear fruit.